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Lantern 2011 B. Bristow
Dipt right side( cj)

To me painting is like a language in colour and form as well as a gateway to exploration and discovery. Colour and form allows me to express what cannot easily be put into words. I love the immediacy and feel of paint brushing and flowing onto the canvas, letting my paintings evolve, layer after layer, stage by stage. I often work intuitively and let any images that may emerge to happen and to manifest. It allows seemingly arbitrary choice and chance to open a door for me, giving me a sense of excitement and discovery. Occasionally, to enhance my work I use techniques that give the surface of the canvas a three dimensional aspect, using mixed media or collage. I am interested in how colour as well as monochrome can create the illusion of light, which is especially reflected in my abstract and semi-abstract work, which still contains recognisable elements of nature.

My inspiration often comes from forms in nature and the landscape around me but also from scientific concepts in physics and cosmology and the spiritual elements of contemplation.


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Most of the work shown on this site is for sale. All of the works are hand painted originals. Please contact me by email to discuss price and details.